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Medical Hypnotherapy

''If you want to heal your body you must first heal your mind” -Plato

Medical hypnosis is a safe and effective complementary technique for use in medical procedures and in the treatment of  a range of medical  issues.

Hypnosis can be used very effectively   can be a powerful tool in controlling pain.The advantage of hypnosis comparacing the  painkilling drugs is  that it has no side effects at all. 

Our overall mental and phisical health is affected by our programs of thinking and what meaning we give to the circumstances and the events are occuring in our lives. The negatively -oriented thoughts can be changed by optimizing the subcouncious and conscious thinking, supplying positive suggestions and supporting the brain in creating new neural pathways of thinking.
The brain have the ability to absorb new information and discard the old, disempowering bealives and ideas. In this way the brain rewires itself to change thinking behaviors habits emotions and

well-being. This property is called neuroplasticity or cortical remapping. Neuroplasticity refers to our brain's ability to reorganize itself, both physically as well as functionally.

tEnvironmental stimuli, thought andemotions may also cause neuroplastic change which has significant implications for healthy development learning memory and even recovery from

brain damage. Hypnosis is effective at influencing neuroplastic change as focused attention is one of the pre-requisites of neuroplasticity.  The focused attention that is induced by hypnosis places the brainwaves in the optimum state for

neuroplasticity to occur.  Hypnosis encodes new information within the brain through the use of suggestion and tapping into the power of imagination to see, hear, feel and experience the desiredtherapeutic outcomes of the client wishes to achieve, it begins to create new synaptic connections within the physical brain. These new synaptic connections can be strengthened through the continued use of hypnosis with the practitioner,  daily self-hypnosis, or listening to hypnosis recordings and the client beginning to take the necessary actions to move towards the goal of treatment. As these new synaptic connections within the brain are created and reinforced through hypnosis,  new

thoughts,  behaviors, feelings and emotions become more automatic. Because the brain is changed by internal mental rehearsal in the same ways and evolving precisely the same processes that control changes that are achieved through interactions with the external world, hypnosis is an extremely effective means at creating change. As hypnosis works on the part of the brain that creates and revaluates instinctive patterns, it makes sense that it can change these behavioural templates.


There have been many studies done showing  how people can bypass the normal pain mechanisms and undergo operations without anaesthesia.

In 2000, researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston found that hypnosis reduces pain and surgery time and improves safety. The trial of 241 patients showed that patients who used hypnosis during surgery needed less medication, had more stable vital signs and left the operating room sooner.
A large number of hospitals around the world use hypnosis to reduce pain and discomfort, accelerate healing and to reduce the cost of surgery. 
Pain relief through hypnosis is also used in burn units in hospitals. Endorphins are produced when the body is relaxed; they can close pain gates and allow the immune system to work more effectively.

What type of health conditions can hypnotherapy be used for?

  • Cancer treatment support

  • Chronic pain management

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fear of  Surgery

  • Recovery after a Surgical Intervention

  • Faster healing of burns or other wounds and injuries

  • Irritable bowel syndrome IBS

  • Overcoming Depression and anxiety

  • Overcoming Allergies and Food Intolerances

  • Psoriasis, alopecia or other stress related dermatological affections

  • Strengthening Immune System

  • Fertility Hypnosis

  • Pregnacy and birthing

  • Overcome stress and other Pregnancy issues

  • Insomnia & sleep disorders

  • Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • Recovery from stroke

  • Overcoming burnout

  • Drug addiction,  alchool abuse and stop smoking

 Medical Hypnotherapy benefits people who are ill or have a medical condition by activating the mind-body healing mechanism, optimising the concious and subconcious thinking and redirecting the thinking process toward positivity and optimism.


Unlike traditional hypnosis, Medical Hypnotherapy goes beyond simply  focusing on symptom removal but actually to reveal and identify the real root causes of the pain and remove it.

Through a combination of techniques and methods: medical hypnosis, guided imagery forhealing, interactive guided imagery, regression hypnotherapy, suggestion therapy, NLP,  parts therapy, self-hypnosis, audio recordings for pain management I can help not only  with managing or overcoming pain and reduce its intencity  but also with resolving the real sources of pain and other medical conditions.

Using an holistic aproach my goal is to show my clients how to transform suffering  into inner strength, how to activate the inner mechanism of healing and use the power of the mind to heal the body,  how to return to the feeling of control of their bodies, their health and their lives. 

Hypnotherapy for Cancer Treatment Support

''Hypnotherapy for cancer addresses the symptoms and explores the subconcious root causes, the mental and the physical reaction to cancer and the side effects of the cancer treatment.

Studies show that stress reduces the effectiveness of the human immune system, reducing the number of immune system's cells, while state of relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery increase their  number and the body's ability to fight cancer cells. It is mind over immune system, called psychoneuroimmunology.

Stress is an atitude of mind and with the help of hypnotherapy the cancer patient improve how he/ she reacts and handles the disease'' Dr. Elena Gabor

When a person is relaxed, the body's own innate capacity to heal is activate. Studies show that when a person is relaxed, the level of these cells decreases.'' Dr. B. Klinger

In 1995 National Institute of Health announced his support of Hypnosis for cancer and other pain conditions: “Hypnosis is an effective adjunct in alleviating pain. ”

Hypnotherapy helps cancer patients to overcome:

  • fears and panicks attacks

  • stress and anxiety

  • reduced immunity

  • pain, headaches and migraines

  • fatigue, insomnia, sleep disorders

  • hot flashes, nausea, loss of appetite

  • negatively- oriented thinking

  • grief and helplessness

  • lack of self-love / low self-esteem and self -worth

  • preparation for surgery

  • post-surgical recovery

  • preparation for cancer radiation therapy

  • reducing the side-effects of chemo-therapy

You will be provided with FREE audios recorded  to listen to which compliment the work we do in the sessions and allows the work go much deeper.

I offer a free 30 minute, fully confidential, initial consultation, before booking any sessions.  

If you choose to work with me, depending on the complexity, many of the issues can be resolved within 2-5 sessions, but this is flexible and we will review the number needed together after the second session.  Please allow up to 2 hours for any therapy session.  Sessions cost 88 euro each.

I offer successfully on-line on Skype, Facebook or Zoom hypno-sessions and regressions all over the world. The only thing required is headphones.


Feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions regarding hypnosys or hypnotherapy sessions.

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