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Hypnotherapy For Children & Teenagers

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”- Frederick Douglass

Your child doesn’t need to carry childhood or adolescence problems and issues into adulthood. Hypnotherapy helps children and teenagers release deep rooted negative beliefs which may have been picked up from school, television, the media or even within families. These negative beliefs lead to insecurities, anxieties and stress.

As a mother of 2 and psychologist who has lots of field work experience with children I always  treat the child’s feelings and needs with unconditional love and respect and my wish is to help them to access their own internal resources

Hypnotherapy is very effective technique with children and adolescents. One of the great advantages in using hypnosis with children is that there are no negative side effects. These sessions are age appropriate, using metaphors and story telling imageries,  calming, drug free and enjoyable for the child.

Children and adolescents are naturally the best subjects for hypnotic work,  because they are strongly motivated for change, are eager to please the adults in their lives, and have vivid, active imaginations. Children respond to hypnotherapy with enjoyment, pride and sometimes a shrug of “no big deal”, they often find it entertainment because is mysterieus and magical and they love it because it used their own power. Teens report enjoying Hypnotherapy for the opportunity to take a break from stress: they like the relaxation, the vivid imagery, and the sense of control.


If you have doubts or worries  as a  parent can be also an option to have a hypnotherapy session for yourself  so you can understand and can discuss the therapy with your child or teen.


It will also help you as a parent to restore balance to your own stress level and get your mind working in a positive way so to be able to bring more easily a positive change in your child-parent relationship and to create a harmonious atmosphere within the home. You are the biggest influence on your children and how you react and interact with the world has a huge impact on them.


Some common issues hypnotherapy can help with are:

  • Divorce or adoption issues

  • Death of a pet, friend or family member

  • Bullying

  • Lack of Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Anxiety, stress and fears

  • Anger and Aggression Management

  • Eating disorders – obesity, over eating, under eating, cravings and body image

  • Phobias

  • Exam worries. study and memory issues

  • Public speaking, shyness, nail biting or other nervous tics

  • Sports Performance

  • Sleep disorder, bed wetting, nightmares

  • Parent/Child relationships

You will be provided with audios recorded  to listen to which compliment the work we do in the sessions and allows the work go much deeper.

Aditionally I offer also personalisate story based guided meditations for a low price.

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