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Who am I?

I AM! Two of the most powerful words: for what you put after them shapes your reality.


Awakened soul. Hypnotherapist. Intuitive. 42 years old. Guide towards the light. Psychologist. Sociologist. Astral traveler. Scorpio. Woman. Empath. Author  of the  book ''Sexual abuse of the children''. Wife. Immigrant. Lucid dreamer.  Mother of 2 wonderful girls. Truth seeker. Friend. Volunteer. Daughter. Classic music lover.Twin flame.  Master in criminal and deviant behaviour.  Conscious living pioneer. Poet. Vegan.

Behind all of these ego based  societal, cultural or spiritual roles, status, masks or  labels that we all have the  tendency to build around ourselves, the question remains : who am I? who are you? Who am I truly? Who are you truly?

The first step to become who you really are, is to learn who you really are.

So how do you do that? Shift your focus inward so you can  authentically align with who you really are. Tune with your inner-self, with your winner wisdom, listen to the voice of your soul.

''You have no need to travel anywhere - journey within yourself. Enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light''~ Rumi.

Start to see light emerging from within. This light is your truth essence. This light is self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself and for the others. Because we are all magical beings and we are all alchemy. We are all unique compositions of energy frequency. We all have  a highly unique reserve of healing and creative potential at our disposal, waiting to be tapped into and harnessed to manifest our greatest desires. When we channel our unique energy reserves in a positive way, we are empowered by our gifts and propelled along the path of abundance, happiness and freedom. We finally start the process of discovery of our wholeness. We begin to wake -up to our multidimensionality. 


Who we are is reflected in any moment by the emotions that we feel.  Who  we are  in relationship with the others, are we  in relationship  with what we ever been, who are we in relationship with the potential we have. Is all about the perspective the way of self- evaluation. They key is the way of perception, of judgement. That is our power of free will in choosing the way we want to take,  choosing  the door we want to open and the  key we want to use it. It can be the way of glory or it can be the way of deception. It can be the door of happiness or it can be the door of despair . It can be the key of self- healing or it can be the key of self-abandonment.   When we are not in harmony with what we  feel inside, the conflict in ourselves amplifies .  When we don't utilize or live up to our full potential, we risk becoming hopeless and depressed. We may be functional, but not fulfilled; we may be successful, but not satisfied.

​Prior to my spiritual awakening, I felt all my life deeply  alienated from myself and for my life.  Just like you, I have walked the path, made mistakes, sunk into the depths of despair, and reflected deeply on my life to bring about the changes needed to step into my own divine power, to find the harmony between within my body mind and spirit,  to cultivate conscious self-awareness, to remember who I am , why I am here and where I am going , to restore my alignment with my higher- self  to redefine my connection  with God. And nothing is as fulfilling as a free slowing life as an expression of who you truly are.

E.E. Cummins said :''It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are''. It can take you out from  your comfort zone. Who you really are meaning becoming the person you know deep in your heart you came here to be. Courage is a heart word. The root of the word ''courage is ''cor'' - the Latin word for ''heart''.  And so it takes heart to become the person you know deep inside you came here to be, and manifest the life you truly long for. A life that has never been lived before, where everything you experience is yours and only yours.

​In his own journey of self-discovery, E. E. Cummings also prayed for strength to be his essential self : "
May I be I is the only prayer—not may I be great or good or beautiful or wise or strong.”

 Whatever your story is, whatever your pain, your fears, knowing  your true self is means lots of inner work, it means really diving deep into your soul. Revealing the root of  your self-sabotage, healing and integrating the causes of your unhealthy and negative habits and patterns, detecting and clearing your unconscious limitative beliefs, freeing yourself for the baggage of your past, unlocking the aspects of ourselves that have been lost, uncovering your own in-born gifts and talents, finding what is your soul’s blueprint  are the principal paths to allow your soul to grow and to  transform your life.

There is a place in each of us where our authentic self drives, where we return to reclaim our peace, our harmony and our joy , to remember  that the struggles and problems can be opportunities to help us grow stronger.


Self inquiry can lead to deeper and more subtle layers than the most superficial layers of the body, mind and personality. These more fundamental levels are richer and bigger because pure awareness and consciousness is infinite and eternal. We are in unite and unison with clear universal Source Consciousness, with the divine unconditional love that we are made from, with God presence.

Because we are all divine sparkles, we are all creators of magic. We are all co- creators of our lives.

My goals are to help you to feel the light within you. To unlock the gateway within yourself. To find the true colours of your soul.

To discover the treasures in your heart. To evolve back to the love that you are. To show you the way of how to become effortless the  best version of yourself. To help you to acknowledge that you are the shaper of your destiny  and that you have the tools within yourself  to heal yourself, to save yourself and to become who you really are. To release the architect  of your own life that you are.  To welcome you Home to yourself.  Let me be your guide. It is time!

I offer a free 30 minute, fully confidential, initial consultation, before booking any sessions.  

If you choose to work with me, depending on the complexity, many of the issues can be resolved within 2-5 sessions, but this is flexible and we will review the number needed together after the second session.  Please allow up to 2 hours for any therapy session.  Sessions cost 88 euro each.

I offer successfully on-line on Skype, Facebook or Zoom hypno-sessions and regressions all over the world. The only thing required is headphones.


Feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions regarding hypnosys or hypnotherapy sessions.

You can also schedule a session by contact me:

E-mail address:

Skype: Monica Cristina Patrioara

WhatsApp: +31 614153600

Facebook: Monica Cristina Patrioara

 Monica  Cristina Patrioara

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Medical Hypnotherapist level 1

  • Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Life between lives Regression Hypnotherapist 

  • Psychologist 

  • Sociologist

Member of:

  • European Association of Medical Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Therapy

  • International Past Life Regression Therapy Association  LLC, Santa Monica, California, USA

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