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Love & Sexuality

''The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts

and brings peace to our minds. " - The Notebook

An unhappy relationship can impact our health, wellbeing and contentment in all aspects of our life . Most people are much more likely to be fulfilled with other aspects of their life if they are in a harmonious, fulfilled relationship.

There are many reasons relationships may not be working as well as they should be, but with determination, love and understanding, lots of relationships can get back on track.


Most of the ineffective things we do when relationships fall are emotional reactions like blame, criticism, resentment, angriness,  guilt, , denial or confusion.  Improving your relationship means better management of these reactions. It means regaining your control and balance. It means  finding your freedom through acceptance, unconditional love, compassion and  forgiveness. It means healing throught self-love, self- worth, self- sufficiency and self-fulfillment. It means rebuilding your self-esteem and confidence. It means remembering wholeness and steping powerfully into the life you’re meant to live.


Strong relationships are about opening communication channels and this can’t work unless you subconsciously open these channels. Hypnotherapy can help you to communicate with your subconscious more effectively, and ultimately enhance communication within your relationship.

Due hypnotherapy you will:

  • gain new perspectives on relationships and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for another’s position

  • resolve the underlying issues so you can let go of the past experiences and focus on the present and your future

  • recapture the lost feelings of love, friendship and commitment

  • re-experience past memories in a more positive way and also you will evelop a self belief that builds on your confidence and ability to create new and successful relationships

  • learn how to re-engage with life, reconnecting to your heart, mind, body and  your feminity or masculinity energy influencing you life choices, thoughts, mindset and beliefs

  • reconnect and find your real self  reclaiming your life, work, relationships, creative, essence, energy and motivation

  • increase self confidence, self esteem & self awarenessand

  • give you the power to restore balance and harmony between  your mind, your emotional  body, your phisical body and your  soul

Enjoying the fulfillment of intimacy and our sexuality is a wonderful part of life. Relationship and sexuality  issues can trigger our emotions, our creativity, our work productivity and ultimately causes you to step back and play small in life.

Hypnotherapy can help with sexual problems by addressing the psychological and emotional aspects associated with sex.  This could be sexual anxiety over one's sexual performance, expectations of one's self or past experiences, which can all contribute to sexual difficulties and related sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction disorders are generally classified into 4 categories: sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and sexual pain disorders.

Some of the type of relationship issues, hypnotherapy can help :

  • Attracting a love relationship

  • Moving on from a divorce  or a break-up

  • Grieving the death of a Partner

  • Overcoming jealousy and insecurity issues

  • Trying to deal with a partners infidelity.

  • Wanting to improve their current relationship.

  • Trying to understand themselves and their partner better.

  • Commitment issues

  • Communication problems

  • Old wounds of abandonment, betrayal and shame

  • Relationship dysfunctional pattern

  • End a toxic, abusive and unhealthy  relationship

  • Fear of Intimacy

  • Sexual dysfunction disorders for men and women

We offer
Sexual problems hypnotherapy can also address the dynamics of the relationship between partners.  The loss of libido can happen post birth and during the upbringing of small children.  Hypnotherapy for sexual problems can teach you to feel like a sexual being again, it can move you forward from any trauma experienced during childbirth to regain that intimacy and desire experienced previously with your partner.
Alternatively you maybe experiencing sexual pain disorder, this is known as dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and vaginismus (an involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vaginal wall). Dyspareunia may be caused by insufficient lubrication (vaginal dryness) as a result of fear and anxiety about sex. Vaginismus is sometimes caused by past sexual trauma or negative sexual associations, however, this is not exclusive. 

Through our sexual problems hypnotherapy we will work with the ‘unconscious’ to heal any possible trauma experienced, remove any anxiety around sex and utilize visualization for you to begin to see yourself how you want to be. 

  A hypnotherapy session provides a safe, confidential,  non-judgmental,  space to share and to get help in a profesional, supportive and compassionate way with the intention of healing emotional wounds or traumas, clearing harmful self- limiting  beliefs, and releasing subconscious blockages for a beter and healthier  intimate relationship that feels good for you and alleviate any sexual anxiety .

You will be provided with audios recorded  to listen to which compliment the work we do in the sessions and allows the work go much deeper (audios such as how to build a powerful sexual mindset and how to build sexual confidence).

I offer a free 30 minute, fully confidential, initial consultation, before booking any sessions. 


Feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions regarding hypnosys or hypnotherapy sessions.



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